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Ideas contest

Bank of the future

The bank branch of the future is a design object that can be shared anywhere on earth, totally virtual for services, with technology easily accessible to all; in short it is “share everywhere”. This modular object can be installed in any place, it is composed of a cortain body, which can be assembled on a suitably insulated steel substructure and inside it is made up of a free area for sharing and reception activities and two or more specific areas for self-service, customer service and customer experience activities. Inside this virtual bank, there is no specific staff, but only staff present in the reception area to welcome the customer; the other operations are carried out with one or more virtual operators within the specific areas. The specific areas are in fact cylinders of tempered glass which can be accessed via your debit card or credit card; once inside, the glass surface of the cylinder darkens automatically, as the glass is equipped with crystals that modify its composition to guarantee the customer's privacy. In one of the two cylinders, there is an advanced ATM for the payment of bills, fines, telephone top-ups and prepaid cards, issuing check books, bank transfers, bank transfers, relationship status, cash and check deposits, trading of securities, currency exchange, withdrawal cash; in the other a virtual bank branch where there is a sort of video call center area, where the customer can access the services provided via video communication with the operator; the video in fact connects to a virtual operator who interacts with the customer and is able to assist him in the operations he must carry out. There is no physical contact but only virtual. The "share everywhere" bank modules are in fact connected to an operations center, where the operators are physically present, who via an internet connection system interact with customers in video conference for document presentation, internet banking, booking new appointments, document acquisition , collection of contractual documents, mortgages, financing, securities and investments. The design of this internal space is based on soft and enveloping shapes, a sort of liquid language of form, easily perceivable by people of different cultures and ethnic groups. The “share everywhere” bank module is flexible and can adopt different architectural solutions for different locations.

The concept we wanted to reflect on with this project is the objectives of the competition; the branch of the future is probably not a sophisticated design object but a useful design object, highly technological, but easily accessible. Within this bank, the customer is in his own environment and only in this way can requests be responded to to guarantee an easy perception of the services that the bank can provide. These bank modules organized in this way are able to easily carry out the necessary operations for the customer and the bank can provide a highly qualified service everywhere. 

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