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And studio architects has Mediterranean, Informal, Material, Livable architecture as the central theme of its design research. The theme of context and historical research are compositional and cultural matrices that are found in the narration of the projects carried out by the studio.

Quality, creativity, sustainability and speed of response are values ​​that make And studio an ideal partner for the development of ideas and projects at a national and international level.

​Architecture as an expression of contemporaneity

We are convinced that architecture must be an interpretation of the contemporary world: changes are always reflected in the actions of man and the products of his culture, art, literature, and obviously architecture.

In the same way, man accepts or denies new situations, shatters them and interprets them but cannot ignore them, especially now that information travels in real time. This is a concept we believe in and refer to when tackling new projects.

In this sense, therefore, we cannot ignore the most interesting architectural ideas at an international level; if architecture is a language and is a continuous cultural growth, it is important to understand the problems that arise and grasp their meaning.

However, we are also convinced that architecture, when it is significant, does not arise from other architecture, but from an attempt to express an idea, a concept which then dictates the lines of the project.

With this we are not only referring to an abstract idea (a theoretical approach which then finds its declination in the constructed building) but also to inspirations suggested by the place, inherent in the urban context, or by the memory that perhaps a pre-existence can express.


The particular light of a place, the illumination and dynamism of a busy street seen at night, and again, the materials that change color under the raking light of twilight, become design themes, which merge the building with the atmosphere that surrounds it, link it with significant and evocative aspect.

Architecture and public space

Architecture is not identified with building but is naturally also a cultural fact, an expression of the era that produces it and an interpretation of contemporaneity.

The quality of life is closely linked to the architecture of the city and this is a decisive consideration that leads to broadening the concept of public space, including not only the study of spaces with a public function (squares, streets) but also those architectures which due to their dimensions , characteristics or design intentions influence the urban configuration.

Architecture is ultimately what the city is, the set of buildings but also the interactions that are created between them.

We therefore believe that the design of public space is a fundamental theme for the growth of an architect.

​Internal - External

Therefore starting from the idea that every project starts from a concept, we always try to develop the relationship between the interior and exterior of the building, seeking continuity.

For us the concept of interior is not determined so much by the presence of walls or a roof, but by the type of spaces that are designed: in this sense a small square closed by trees certainly appears as an intimate, internal space; in the same way certain design elements can transform the interior of a building into a square.


Research and development regarding materials is fundamental and continuous.

We generally prefer "strong" materials, which do not hide their essence, with each person's particular way of reacting to time and bad weather. We believe that the poetry of an architecture can also be found in the juxtaposition of two different materials, antithetical or similar, in continuity or in striking contrast.

And studio architects, has participated in international competitions, including:

Europan VII (Bagheria) (fifth place); Europan VIII (Livorno, mentioned project), Iceberg 2002, competition of ideas for the redevelopment of Piazza della Resistance in Bologna (participation), I.U.A.V., project for the construction of the new headquarters of the I.U.A.V. (participation), London (UK) young architect of the year award 2003, competition for young architects under the age of 35 (participation), share a new vision redisign the bank branch of the future (third place). Archès Award 2008 (second place).

We also promote cultural initiatives and the diffusion of young architecture; among the initiatives of which the studio was the creator and organizer: “Fondazioni” exhibition curated by And studio & Nicolas Denino (2023), Places and 12 concepts (2002), 12 groups of young architects from the province of Pisa who, through conceptual ideas, discussed the theme of public spaces in Pontedera (PI).

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