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Infrastructure project



Project for a bridge

The project of the new bridge in Ardenza, Livorno, aims to replace the structure damaged during the storm in September 2017. The relationship of the bridge with the surrounding landscape is analyzed considering two perspectives: the short distance and the long distance. In the proximity of the bridge, the perception is significant, since there are no visual obstacles that prevent the vision. From greater distances, both from the mainland and the sea, the project respects the parameters of landscape quality, integrating with the context and maintaining the integrity of the landscape. The connection with the place is evident in the views and photomontages, confirming the project's ability to belong to the context without erasing the historical memory of the previous bridge. The new bridge, with its size, shape and colours, integrates harmoniously with the existing territorial elements, without altering the panoramic and visual perceptions of the coast. The choice of color contributes to visual absorption in the environment, guaranteeing a panoramic view of the landscape while crossing.

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