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Redevelopment project of a historic villa


San Gimignano

Villa la Ripa

The project focuses on the redevelopment of the original complex known as Fattoria La Ripa, which includes a manor house and six outbuildings, together with a historic garden. The redevelopment involves both the renovation of the individual buildings and the arrangement of the surrounding area, including the creation of new car parks and the construction of two private swimming pools. The external redevelopment includes the restoration of the historic park, the creation of three adjacent car parks, the construction of two swimming pools, the installation of new systems and technical rooms, and a new landscape project. Overall, the intervention was carried out with attention to local materials, respecting the morphological and architectural characteristics of the place and using traditional materials from the Tuscan countryside. As for the interiors, an entire building has undergone a complete renovation and conversion into a residence. The living area is located on the ground floor, while the sleeping area is located on the upper floor, including two bedrooms with private bathrooms. During the intervention, structural consolidation was carried out to improve energy efficiency. The interior concept was guided by the desire to narrate tradition through the use of typical colors and materials such as terracotta, reinterpreted and combined with contemporary shapes and materials.

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