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Project for a space dedicated to sport


Bagno a Ripoli (Florence)

Match-Ball Gym

The construction of the new gym at the Match Ball sports center was the result of collaboration with the ARCHEA studio. Strategically positioned within the suggestive Match Ball Country Club in Bagno a Ripoli, near the Arno river and near the historic Villa La Massa, the gym fits harmoniously into a charming context. The sports centre, including fifteen playing fields, a restaurant, a bar, changing rooms and a swimming pool, now boasts a first significant intervention: the new gym. The latter represents the starting point of a broader redevelopment project of the entire sports complex. Characterized by a rectangular plan, the gym has a perimeter loggia on all four sides. The structure, made of corten steel, houses a main compartment delimited by large floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The choice of these materials is not random, but rather aims to ensure perfect integration into the surrounding landscape context. The glass walls allow those who use the structure to completely immerse themselves in the lush vegetation that surrounds the sports complex, creating an immersive training experience in harmony with nature.

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