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restoration project of a historic villa


2023 - in progress


Val di Perga

Villa Val di Perga

The project is currently under construction, focusing on the restoration of a historic villa located in the suggestive Val di Perga. The main activities involve the consolidation of the roofing structures, the restoration of the facades and an internal renovation to improve the functionality of the spaces. As regards external interventions, the implementation of a swimming pool is planned, accompanied by ancillary spaces. This addition will not only enrich the overall villa experience, but will also help create a welcoming and refined outdoor environment. Overall, the architectural approach is based on the conservation and enhancement of the historical characteristics of the villa, while ensuring an adequate level of functionality and comfort for users. The creation of a swimming pool and the spaces connected to it integrate harmoniously into the context, offering a further distinctive element and a reason for attraction for the property.

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