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Project for the Centro Arredo tessile store





Centro Arredo tessile store

The project for the new textile furniture store located in Bologna is a perfect synthesis of the clean and elegant style that distinguishes the brand. It manages to combine functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious way, creating a space that invites customers to enjoy a unique shopping experience, characterized by the quality of the products and attention to detail. The walls, painted in neutral and welcoming shades, act as a frame to enhance the beauty of the fabrics on display, creating a harmonious background that invites contemplation. The arrangement of the furnishings follows a well-defined logic, emphasizing functionality without compromising aesthetics. Each piece, carefully selected, contributes to creating a welcoming and refined environment. The carefully designed lighting enhances the quality and texture of the fabrics, ensuring that every detail is highlighted. The light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, which encourages customers to explore and enjoy a peaceful and pleasant shopping experience.

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