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Indoor and Outdoor design project




San Miniato

Project for a private home

 The project concerns a private house located in San Miniato (Pi), and focuses on the valorisation of an existing building complex in the landscape context. The objective is to restore the identity of the existing barn and unite the volumes into a single structure with a flat roof. The new construction integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape thanks to the redesign of the external spaces, the addition of vegetation and paths which become an integral part of the project. The analysis of the traditional barn is fundamental, which is re-proposed with all its characteristics, including exposed brick, wooden beams and tiles, but with a contemporary approach. The structure of the barn develops on a single floor, while the part with a flat roof emerges from the ground with a single floor above and a further basement. This part is characterized by internal courtyards and a facade made of terracotta strips, creating a vibrant surface with rectangular openings. The external terracotta flooring connects the internal courtyard with the outside of the building.

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