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Project for a wine production cellar





Podere la Chiesa

The winery project was born from the idea of ​​creating a unique and compact building, immersed and integrated into the context in which it stands. The concrete block embedded in the hill blends in with the ground. It has two main communicative facades which recall the small holes in the facades of the nearby town, transformed into the texture of a bunch of grapes. During the design phase, some focuses can be found: the functional aesthetic quality: the designed spaces, such as the tasting space, take up the theme of the reflection of light towards the inside and the perception of the landscape from the inside towards the outside thanks to the circles which allow, from every point of the cellar, perceive a different glimpse of the landscape. The second point is the emotional sensorial quality: in fact the perception of the building changes completely from day to night. During the day we have a fullness that hides the holes, at night the fullness is canceled out, making the voids emerge. Constructively, innovation is achieved by using a traditional material, concrete: The smooth and uniform effect of the facades was obtained with a single jet for 7 meters in height up to the base, to maintain the continuity of the color of the material; the plant systems were inserted before the castings, in order to maintain the integrity of the concrete. The insulation is provided inside the casing, to create a concrete cube, starting from the roof slab up to the facades. Concrete vibration systems were also used to avoid any honeycombs. A color formula was also used, inserting iron oxides into the concrete, to make it colored in paste. The times for moving the concrete from the concrete mixing station to the construction site were precisely calculated, so as to always have the same color maturation time, avoiding different colors of the various pieces.

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