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Research and Ideas

Carmassi Foundation

ERRATIC OR 'FINDING' BULKERS This is how Antonio Stoppani defines them in the publication 'Valsassina and the territory of Lecco': “Go to Valmadrera and already on the backs of the hills, on the sides of the mountains, on the edges of the lakes, on the edges of the most fearful precipices, everywhere, I say, you will see either solitary, or in fantastic groups, or aligned in a monstrous way, flanges, pieces enormous granites, porphyries, serpentines, alpine rocks of all kinds, evidently uprooted from distant mountains, brought down hundreds of miles away and placed to lie so rough and shapeless, where they can better amaze us". Nature, with its life cycles and all the mysteries it brings within itself, has always been a reason for observation and amazed feelings on the part of man. The contemplation of large spaces (mountains, oceanic expanses, vast plains) and those powerful forces of nature before which the anguish of human limitations grows, are the source of the feeling of the "Sublime", which produces the strongest emotion that the soul is capable of feeling and of such power as to make us lose our imagination. THE WANDERING BULK The Errant or Erratic Boulder has fueled popular imagination for millennia. An enigma of Nature made up of boulders of incredible size and weight whose rocky structure had nothing to do with the surrounding rocks and soil, a fascinating mystery that was linked to the idea of ​​the supernatural or alien objects coming from the depths of space sidereal. THE CARMASSI-DRUART FOUNDATION PROJECT The idea behind the project is Nature and the sensations that it exerts on man, matching the activities that man carries out by moving within it.

Thus, a building for the exhibition of works of art within the park of Villa Toscanelli integrates into the surrounding nature, creating a new system in balance between the built environment and the natural environment. All the various artificial elements typical of man and natural surrounding the site, become part of a single interconnected organism, an architectural space independent of any classicism. The Carmassi-Duart art foundation is inspired by the concept of the Wandering Boulder, it represents the idea of ​​the supernatural, of the alien object, of the abstraction of form and of the intellectual expressive power of art which, like Nature, is a source of incredible emotions . A project that fits within the peculiar characters of the history of Villa Toscanelli and its landscaped and romantic garden, enhancing the feeling of infinity, emptiness, darkness, silence, the grandiose and the excessive.

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