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Project for a private house





Ferranti House

The project for the private home was conceived with a distinctly clean and minimalist approach, aiming for a design that combines elegance with functionality. Each element has been carefully selected to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere, where simplicity blends with beauty. Clean lines and open spaces characterize the interior design, creating an airy, no-frills environment. The attention to functionality is evident in every detail, with intelligent solutions to optimize spaces and improve daily liveability. The choice of neutral colors and high-quality materials helps to emphasize the sophistication of the project, creating a harmonious balance between form and function. The sobriety of the minimalist design not only offers a timeless aesthetic, but also translates into a practicality that makes daily life easier. In summary, the project for this private home stands out for its no-frills elegance and its scrupulous attention to functionality, thus creating a refined and welcoming space, designed to meet modern needs with style and practicality.

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