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Project for a wellness center





Project for a wellness center

The idea behind the project is to create an architecture that is a tool for living and experiencing the feeling of beauty and the sublime: living sensorial experiences, given by the reaction to internal and external, physical and physiological stimuli, perceived and living experiences perceptive, given by the subjective processing of the data offered by the sense organs. The building immersed in the greenery of the Villa Toscanelli park springs from Nature and rises from it like a belvedere, in search of the "dynamic sublime" or that mixed feeling of dismay and pleasure determined both by the absolutely great and immeasurable, and by the spectacle of the great upheavals and natural phenomena that arouse in man the sense of his fragility and finiteness. The “Terme Sensoriali” project is a thermal temple that integrates modern architectural languages, wellness technology and the relationship with the landscape garden of the Villa, where different experiences are concentrated, divided into specific paths depending on the needs of the individual. Moving, relaxing, concentrating within such a structured environment or freeing your mind by contemplating infinite horizons, allows you to harmonize and revitalize all our senses.

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