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Project for a bridge

The technical and economic feasibility project for the new Iron Bridge over the Cornia river proposes an innovative architectural concept. Opting for an approach inspired by the formal and aesthetic canons of local constructions, the bridge is configured as an Observatory Bridge, a shielded infrastructure with openings that visually connect users to the surrounding context. Characterized by a rectangular lattice section similar to the old Iron Bridge , the new bridge is covered externally with a skin of regularly spaced vertical metal elements. This covering, spaced 10 cm apart, covers the two external lateral perimeters of the bridge. Two lateral openings, designed to guarantee a direct view of the landscape and the surrounding hydraulic context, allow visual perception to be maintained in both directions. The semi-transparent skin follows the sinuosity of the bridge in plan and elevation, connecting it harmoniously to the two ramps. A further distinctive feature is the chromatic sequence applied to the skin, which takes up the predominant colors of the Cornia plain, thus integrating the bridge in a synergistic way with the surrounding environment. This proposal aims to create an infrastructure that not only serves logistical needs, but integrates aesthetically into the landscape context, constituting a unique and refined observation point.

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