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Project for a square

The project for Piazza Martiri della Libertà is configured as a vibrant place of aggregation and meeting, conceived to be animated both during the day and at night. At the center of the design emerges an architectural platform that outlines the boundaries of the square, offering a distinctive focal point The square is designed to welcome passers-by and visitors, providing an open and welcoming environment. On the platform, there are specially designed spaces to accommodate outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs, creating an inviting atmosphere for dining and socializing. These furnishing elements add a touch of comfort and flexibility to the environment, allowing people to stop, interact and enjoy the surrounding urban context. Nighttime lighting is carefully integrated into the design, ensuring that the square retains its vitality even after dark. This project aims to transform Piazza Martiri della Libertà into a versatile place, suitable for different activities and occasions, thus helping to consolidate its central role as a meeting and conviviality point in urban life.

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