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Urban planning project


Project proposal




The master plan project aims to redefine the entire structure of the neighborhood in question, aiming for a reorganization that emphasizes the quality of life and the usability of the spaces. A key element of this proposal is the creation of large outdoor spaces, enriched by green areas, sinuous paths and a variety of architectural elements. The buildings, both for residential and non-residential use, are designed on multiple levels, helping to create a dynamic perspective and harmonious integration with the surrounding environment. Particular attention is dedicated to the creation of versatile outdoor spaces, both completely free and covered, in order to guarantee continuous use in different seasons and climatic situations. The flexibility of the outdoor spaces, combined with innovative architectural solutions, aims to make the neighborhood an adaptable and welcoming place for the inhabitants, promoting socialisation, physical activity and well-being. This approach to the masterplan seeks to combine functionality with aesthetics, creating a harmonious and sustainable urban environment that can be continuously and dynamically appreciated by the local community.

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