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Redevelopment project of Lake Marucco

The redevelopment project of the area takes on an integrated architectural configuration, focusing on two main areas of intervention: the tritico-receptive area and the green area for public and sports use. In the tritico-receptive area, located in the north-west part of the Plan, the construction of reception and service structures is envisaged. The layout of these buildings will be designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment and guarantee a panoramic view of the lake. The choice of materials and architectural forms will be oriented towards creating a visual and stylistic connection with the surrounding nature, thus contributing to a harmonious integration into the landscape context. The tritico-receptive structures may include, for example, hotels, restaurants, and tourist services. The surrounding open spaces will be organized with pedestrian paths that wind along the lake, immersed in vegetation, to encourage enjoyment in contact with nature. In the green area for public and sporting use, located south of the lake, the creation of open spaces intended for recreational and sporting activities is planned. Sports facilities may include playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and other infrastructure to encourage the practice of various disciplines. The architecture of this area will be characterized by a design that promotes functionality and safety, while ensuring an aesthetic that integrates harmoniously with the surrounding natural context. The use of eco-sustainable materials, attention to biodiversity and the design of flexible spaces to adapt to the needs of the community will contribute to creating an architectural environment that not only satisfies functional needs, but also fits in as a positive element in the landscape and in the daily life of the community.

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