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Exclusive meeting with the CEO of Th.Kohl s.r.l. A Successful Partnership in the World of Pharmaceutical Design

We are excited to share with you the news that we experienced last week during our exclusive meeting with the CEO of Th.Kohl s.r.l., a company that boasts a tradition in design and furnishings for pharmacies since 1919. We had the privilege of collaborating with Th.Kohl s.r.l. to create customized furnishings and displays for the Segala pharmacy, in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona. This partnership gave us a unique opportunity to turn our vision into reality, thanks to the bespoke work carried out by the company. During the presentation of the finished project, we had the opportunity to explore final photographs, works in progress and delve into the philosophy that distinguishes our brand. The CEO proved to be extremely willing to collaborate further, demonstrating a strong interest in supporting us with similar projects for other pharmacies in Tuscany. The harmony and desire to continue working together in the future have further consolidated our bond with Th.Kohl s.r.l.

During the meeting, they also presented us with a 1:1 scale reproduction of a hotel suite for one of their clients, opening our eyes to the versatility of the company, demonstrating that their expertise goes far beyond the pharmaceutical sector. The ability of Th.Kohl s.r.l. to create unique and tailor-made environments is truly extraordinary. In conclusion, we are excited to share these developments and look forward to exploring new horizons together in the world of pharmaceutical design and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates and news.

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