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  • Federico Nardini

Presentation of the Piombino Waterfront project

On 20 September 2023, in Poggio all'Agnello resort located in Piombino, the conference on the redevelopment project of the Piombino Waterfront took place, a task entrusted to ANDstudio.

The conference was chaired by the president of the Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Luciano Guerrieri. The occasion saw the detailed presentation of an ambitious project aimed at transforming the waterfront of the Piombino port, with an investment estimated at more than 30 million euros. Luciano Guerrieri, flanked by other figures such as the mayor of Piombino, Francesco Ferrari, and the commander of the Port Authority, Alberto Poletti, Sandra Muccetti and the architect Mannocci, illustrated the key elements of the project.

These included the modernization and energy redevelopment of the maritime station, the construction of a pilots tower and a breakwater, as well as the renovation of the North and Battery piers, the latter featuring an innovative steel reed bed covered in solar film. During the conference, Guerrieri underlined that the project presented constituted an essential piece of a broader vision aimed at enhancing the accommodation capacities of the port of Piombino, transforming it into a point of reference not only from a functional point of view but also from an aesthetic and environmentally sustainable point of view. 

The project proposal that we formulated together with the Port Authority was explained in detail by the technical manager of the port authority, Sandra Muccetti, and by the architect Andrea Mannocci.

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